Medical Support We ensure that the best medical treatment is made available so that the children suffering long term illnesses registered with us have the best possible chance to recover and go on to lead quality lives. The major support given by Solace is medication and funds for special treatments like Chemotherapy and radiation as well as the purchase of rare medicines. Moreover, Solace also bears the expenses of Ayurvedic as well as homeopathic treatments & medicines. More than 1600 children suffering from Thalassemia, Nephrotic syndrome, Hormone deficiency, Hepatitis B, various types of cancer, etc are being taken care of by Solace currently. This alone is a monthly financial commitment crossing 13 Lakh INR. Social Support In most of the cases registered with us, we have observed that paternal assistance tends to dwindle from minimal to nil and it is the mothers who are left with the struggle. Since an entire household is traumatized, as an immediate relief measure, we often take charge of supplying survival food kits, paying House Rent, providing support for educating siblings and taking up the maintenance of tenements. So we also meet the cost of setting up a suitable livelihood with the provision of appropriate training and tools for the mothers who usually shoulder the bulk of the responsibility. Monetary aid is especially necessary to prevent women from falling into dangerous debt traps out of desperation. With so much going on, a smooth flow of funds in the form of cash and kind are crucially important.

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