Revenue minister Rajan

Previous agriculture minister Sunilkumar

Chief Minister Pinarayivijayan press conference

Shanavas IAS – District collector, Thrissur

Solace is a voluntary organization registered as a Trust under the Charitable Societies Act of Kerala. Our primary mission is to provide care and support to children with long-term illnesses and their families. We aim to strengthen and comfort them as they navigate through challenging times, offering assistance whenever necessary.

Established in 2007 as a Play Therapy Unit alongside the Leukemia ward of Govt. Medical College, Thrissur, Solace has grown significantly. Initially serving 15 children, we now support over 5000+ children suffering from various long-term illnesses including Cancer, Thalassemia, Cerebral palsy, Nephrotic syndrome, Hemophilia, Heart diseases, Fits, Wilson disease, Mental retardation, Juvenile arthritis, Epilepsy, Hearing loss, and more.

Many families of the children we assist are deeply affected by their child’s illness, with their lives revolving around providing care. Often, paternal assistance is minimal, leaving mothers to struggle to make ends meet. Solace steps in by providing essential support such as prescribed medicines and funds for specialized treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

We are committed to ensuring that children with long-term illnesses receive the best medical treatment possible. Our goal is to give them the greatest chance of recovery and the opportunity to lead quality lives. At Solace, we live alongside these families, experiencing their difficulties and offering assistance and comfort whenever needed.