Solace aims to support and care for children with long-term illnesses such as Cancer, Thalassemia, Cerebral Palsy, Nephrotic syndrome, Hemophilia, Heart diseases, Wilson Disease, Mental retardation, Juvenile Arthritis, Epilepsy, Hearing loss etc. We support 5000 + children through our 10 centers in Kerala covering an assistance around 5 crore.

Solace is a non-profitable organization for children with long term illnesses, which is registered as a Trust under the Charitable Societies Act of Kerala with Registration number 597/IV/07 dated 27/06/07. Registered office is functioning at “SARAI”, Ambadikkulam ground, Olarikkara PO, Pullazhi, Thrissur, 680012.

We support children by curative treatment as well as palliative support

Solace aims the cure of children with continuous medication with nutritious food. Long term illness can shatter the well-being of families financially as well as psychologically.


  • Medical support
  • Social support
  • Solace center –strengthening
  • Family strengthening programme

Medical Support

Every month medical bills are being paid by Solace. Psychological support on a continuous mode The psychologist and counseling expenses comes around Rs. 75000 /Year

Physiotherapy center

Free physiotherapy, speech, occupational therapies are given from this center , this unit only cost around 4.2 lakh yearly

Solace currently spends about 2.1 crore Rupees every year on medical support alone, these funds being provided as medical reimbursement for life-saving medicines and/or treatments. A steady increase in the number of

registrations reflects as an increase in the monthly amount given as medical support. Thus, this amount tends to increase month on month. For the parents of these suffering children, who are mostly daily wage earners, even

a small financial support given month on month for medicines/treatment eases their mind to a large extent.

Social Support

Essential food kits supplied everymonth. House rentals of most neededfamilies also paid. Educational support for thesiblings. Home Visits and assessment ofcases.

Respite center

After chemo therapy, children need special care and clean environment. The solace respite center takes care of them. It also works as a temporary shelter for stressed mothers to relax for couple of weeks. Free food also provided, this also amount up to 6.4 lakh in a year For those families who are unable to earn a living due to the child’s illness, a food kit consisting of 19 essential items is provided monthly so that the family does not suffer due to lack of food or nutrition. Overall, Solace provides approximately 1200 food kits across 10 centers, which are absolutely essential for the families on a lifesaving basis with the cost of each kit at approximately one thousand rupees. This runs up a food kit expense of 85 lakh Rupees per year for all the Solace centers.

Home care visit and assessment cost around 3.55 lakh in a year. There is also programmes like Snehasangamam ( one day family meet of ‘Solace kids’ engaging in entertainment activities ) this sums up to 30 lakh I a year including all 10 centers meet ups.

Solace Center Strengthening

Salaries and wages, traveling and conveyance, postage and telephone charges, office related expenses , vehicle running expenses , rental payment, staff salary, admin cost, vehicle and fuel cost, repair and maintain ace, printing and stationary, electricity charge, food expense, etc.

Youth wing of Solace organize event like birthday celebration of ill child and outing for solace events as a effective means of well being

This sector encompasses various financial components, including travel expenses incurred during essential outings and respite events, as well as the associated costs of home care visits. With a growing number of cases occurring daily, it is imperative that each

center maintains sufficient facilities to accommodate families effectively. This sum up to 60 lakh in a year.

Family strengthening programme

Parents are trained based on their skill analysis under the Family Strengthening Programs.

A unit under solace which gives training for women on stitching, craft work, snacks making during onam , dosa /idly batter making etc.