Branches of Solace

The main body of Solace consists of inspired selfless volunteers, including experienced doctors.
We have branches in the districts of Ernakulam, Kozhikode, Palakkad (Pattambi), Malappuram (Kottakkal and Perinthalmanna), Kollam, Trivandrum, Kottayam and Wayanad along with the main center with head office in Thrissur.

Solace Thrissur

Solace Thrissur is the very first centre of the organization and functions as nodal centre now. Beginning as a play therapy unit in Govt.Medical College ,Thrissur ,Solace has expanded its scope of functioning and now backs well over a thousand  ailing children. 

Solace celebrated the inauguration of its own new building on 7th of October, 2018.This includes a counseling center, a training & rehabilitation center and a hall to conduct family strengthening programs.

Solace has an aftercare center in Kiralur near Thrissur Medical College, dedicated to rest and recuperation. We have found that our young charges suffering from serious diseases, often do not have a safe and hygienic home to return to after their time in hospitals. The Respite Center designed to be an alternative eco-friendly home for deserving children serves this purpose. Our Respite Center in Kiralur with its top-notch facilities is a safe and hygienic place to rest and recover

The Center is also open to the patients and their caregivers during any period of their illness. It can support up to 30 children at a time. It also is equipped with an indoor play area with toys, a library, a few small scale class rooms and a nursing station where immediate emergencies can be addressed.

Transportation too is provided in vehicles donated to Solace

Solace started a physiotherapy center at Respite center with the CSR support of HDFC Bank Ltd. A major part of our registered children need physiotherapy. Unfortunately most of them are unable to attend regular physiotherapy because of financial constraints. To overcome this issue, we approached HDFC Bank Ltd and with the help of HDFC Bank Ltd, setup a physiotherapy center at our Respite center. A fulltime physiotherapist is appointed there. A part time Speech therapy unit is also functioning there. The service is free to all our registered children including their accommodation and food.

Solace Kochi

Solace started a center in Kochi in 2013 to cater to the needs of ailing children in the districts of Ernakulam, Alappuzha, Idukki, Pathanamthitta, Kollam, Kottayam and Thiruvananthapuram. Renowned writer and academician Prof. M. K. Sanoo and eminent social worker Dr. B. Ikbal are patrons of Kochi Solace.

More than 320 cases have been registered and are supported by a group of dedicated volunteers in and around Kochi. An active involvement of school-going students in the home care process at Kochi is a distinctive feature of Solace Kochi. Transportation of patients is provided in the car donated to Solace by Federal Bank, Kochi.ransportation of patients is provided in the car donated to Solace by Federal Bank, Kochi.

Every year, an annual gathering followed by a concert is conducted to raise funds as well as spread awareness of our activities. A play therapy unit in the District Co-operative Hospital, Kochi is also an intervention by Solace

Solace Kozhikode

Solace has a center in Kozhikode, initiated in 2014, to serve the needs of ailing children in the districts of Kozhikode, Kannur and Kasaragod. Sri. K. Jayakumar I.A.S is the patron of Solace Kozhikode and has stood firmly in support of its activities. More than 386 cases have been registered here, served by a devoted group of volunteers.

A mass initiative has also been launched to donate a rupee by each child in every school of the district of Kozhikode to this effort. This project was initiated by the Honorable Minister of Education Prof. C. Raveendranath and marked a mobilisation of children promising support to other children undergoing distress through Solace.

Every year, an annual concert and gathering, ‘Snehaardramaai’, is conducted to raise funds and to spread awareness of the activities of Solace. An annual get together called  ‘Snehasangamam'(Gathering of Love), brings together the ailing children, their parents, Solace volunteers and well-wishers is also organized to review Solace’s performance and celebrate together.

Solace Pattambi

Solace has initiated a center in Pattambi to support ailing children in the district of Palakkad. 

More than 200 cases have been registered here and are served by a group of dedicated volunteers. 

The center provides medical supplies monthly and monetary assistance for medical reasons, home care, maintenance of homes and setting up of livelihoods. Monetary aid is especially necessary for the families of ailing children to avoid falling into debt traps. Counseling is also provided regularly at the center.

Solace Malappuram

Solace has a center in Malappuram, inaugurated in 2017. 

More than 178 cases have been registered here, supported by a dedicated group of volunteers. The center provides medical supplies on a monthly basis, and monetary assistance for medical issues home care, maintenance of homes and setting up of livelihoods. Counseling is also provided regularly at the center.

Because of the geographical constraints, Solace have 2 offices in Malappuram. The main center is located at Kottakkal and a home care center is

Solace Thiruvananthapuram

The Trivandrum chapter of SOLACE was inaugurated on the 17th of November 2019 by the veteran film maker Shri Adoor Gopalakrishnan in the presence of Retd Justice Shri S Siri Jagan, Shri K Jayakumar IAS Retd, poet Shri Mukhathala Sreekumar (AIR) and the founder secretary of SOLACE Smt Sheeba Ameer. A fund rising program SNEHARDRAMAAYI, by the music band CARAVAN belonging to Sameer Umbai followed the inaugural function.

Even before the formal inauguration the center had registered about 75 children who sought help from SOLACE. Our initial doubts about starting SOLACE in Trivandrum which abounds in charity organisation has been put to rest. We cater to patients across the state due to the presence of institutions like the Medical College, RCC, SUT and SAT here. Our office is situated beyond RCC at Kunchuveedu Nagar. The office has provision for giving temporary accommodation to children and their families coming from far, free of cost, till they can find a suitable place to stay.

Solace Kollam

On May 12, at Kollam fine arts college, a group of 20 like minded people conducted a meeting guided by Sheeba Ameer, the founder and secretary of Solace. The group was comprised of compassionate people who came together to discuss the necessity of starting a chapter of solace at Kollam, and unanimously voiced the need for solace’s presence, it was decided on the day that Solace will kickstart part of its operations at Kollam too.The convenors and joint convenors were declared.

In the succeeding meeting at Kollam, more than 40 people attended and by July 7th Solace office was inaugurated by Sheeba Ameer. By the time we already had 5 to 6 cases taken on by Kollam volunteers.

On July 13th we also participated in Run Walk round the clock initiated by the US Solace Charities, which marked the starting of simultaneous events across the globe at all Solace branches.

A public function was conducted on Aug 10, inaugurating the official chapter of Solace Kollam by retired IAS, Mr. Jayakumar.
Within the short span of 6 months, Solace Kollam chapter has attended close to 88 kids and families through its network of 15 active, dedicatedvolunteers . Kollam chapter is seeing steady progress, continuously aiming to uplift the vision and mission of SOLACE in the future too.