The Family Strengthening Program (FSP) at Solace is dedicated to empowering parents, particularly mothers, to navigate the challenges associated with caring for a child facing long-term illnesses. Our mission is to provide comprehensive support to families, ensuring their well-being amidst difficult circumstances.

Through the FSP, Solace offers training programs aimed at equipping mothers with valuable skills that can enhance their earning potential and contribute to their family’s financial stability. These skills include stitching, craftwork, snacks making, and more, providing mothers with opportunities to generate income while caring for their ill child.

Under the FSP, mothers receive training in various equipment and techniques, such as batter making equipment, sewing machines, large grinders, filters, slicers, frying pans, and carpet weaving machines. They are able to earn a daily wage up to market rate by utilizing these skills, and during festivals, they work tirelessly to fulfill increased orders.

Participation in government exhibitions, such as the recent One Station One Product under the railway, allows mothers to showcase their products and expand their market reach. Solace has successfully trained hundreds of mothers through the FSP, with some mothers even starting their own ventures after completing their training.

While the prices of the products may be higher than the market average, Solace ensures that the focus remains on delivering high-quality products. Through the FSP, Solace not only provides financial support but also empowers mothers to become self-sufficient and resilient in the face of adversity.