Solace values academic ties and actively engages with students from various colleges through internship opportunities, observation visits, and research collaboration. Here’s how we foster academic engagement:

  • Internship Opportunities: Solace offers internship opportunities for students to learn and gain practical experience in caring for children and their families. Interns receive comprehensive training and are guided by senior volunteers as they attend to patients and their parents. They also learn about the functioning of charitable organizations and participate in home care visits to understand the children’s living environments.
  • Certificates of Internship: At the end of their internship, interns receive certificates detailing their experience at Solace, recognizing their contributions and learning achievements during their time with us.
  • Observation Visits: Solace welcomes students for observation visits, providing them with insights into the ethos and operations of a charitable organization. These visits offer students a firsthand glimpse into our work and mission.
  • Research Collaboration: Solace provides space and opportunities for students who wish to collaborate on research or thesis projects. We encourage students to explore topics related to pediatric palliative care, family support, and charitable initiatives, offering guidance and support throughout the research process.

Through these academic ties, Solace not only contributes to the education and professional development of students but also benefits from their fresh perspectives and ideas. We believe in nurturing future healthcare professionals and researchers who share our commitment to compassionate care and support for families facing long-term illnesses.