Solace extends its support beyond medical assistance, recognizing the multifaceted needs of families facing challenging circumstances.

  • Essential Food Kits: We supply essential food kits every month to ensure that families have access to nutritious meals. These kits alleviate the financial burden and ensure that basic needs are met, promoting the health and well-being of the entire family.
  • House Rentals: For families facing housing insecurity, Solace steps in to pay house rentals. By covering this essential expense, we provide stability and security, enabling families to focus on caring for their loved ones without the added stress of housing concerns.
  • Educational Support: We understand the importance of education for the overall development of children. Therefore, we provide educational support for siblings, ensuring that they have access to resources and opportunities to pursue their academic goals despite the family’s challenging circumstances.
  • Home Visits and Assessment: Our dedicated volunteers conduct home visits to assess each case comprehensively. Through these visits, we gain a deeper understanding of the family’s needs and challenges, allowing us to tailor our support to address their specific circumstances effectively.

Respite center

The Solace Respite Center plays a crucial role in providing specialized care and a clean environment for children recovering from chemotherapy. This center also serves as a temporary shelter for mothers who are under immense stress, offering them a peaceful retreat to rejuvenate for a couple of weeks. Additionally, free food is provided to ensure that both the children and their families have access to nutritious meals during this challenging time.

For families facing financial hardship due to their child’s illness, Solace provides a monthly food kit containing 19 essential items. These kits are distributed across 10 centers, totaling approximately 1200 kits. Each kit is valued at around one thousand rupees and serves as a lifeline for families in need, ensuring they do not suffer from food insecurity or malnutrition.

The provision of respite care, temporary shelter, and essential food kits reflects Solace’s commitment to supporting families holistically during their journey with childhood illness. By addressing both the physical and emotional needs of families, Solace strives to provide comfort and relief during difficult times.