Solace covers the monthly medical bills for individuals who require ongoing treatment or medication. This financial assistance ensures that individuals have access to the medical care they need without worrying about the costs. Solace provides continuous psychological support. This support include counseling, therapy sessions, or other forms of mental health assistance aimed at addressing emotional and psychological needs. Solace offers physiotherapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy services free of charge.

Financial Support: The center provides financial support to families, primarily for life-saving medicines and treatments. This support is crucial for families who may struggle financially, especially since many of them are daily wage earners.

Increasing Demand: There is a steady increase in the number of registrations at Solace, indicating a growing demand for its services. As a result, the monthly amount given as medical support also increases over time.

Impact on Families: The financial support provided by Solace significantly eases the burden on families dealing with the medical needs of their children. Even small monthly contributions make a big difference for these families.

Solace plays a vital role in providing essential healthcare services and financial assistance to families in need, making a positive impact on the community’s well-being.