Solace extends its compassionate embrace to young souls battling serious illnesses, recognizing the challenges they face post-hospitalization in finding a safe and hygienic haven. Located near Thrissur Medical College in Kiralur, our Respite Center stands as a beacon of solace and healing.

Designed to be an alternative home for deserving children, the Respite Center prioritizes safety, hygiene, and comprehensive care. With the capacity to accommodate up to 30 children at a time, it remains open throughout the entire trajectory of illness, providing a nurturing environment conducive to recovery. The indoor play area, adorned with toys, ensures the well-being of each child, promoting emotional and physical healing.

Transportation, often overlooked but essential, is seamlessly addressed through vehicles donated to Solace, facilitating the smooth transition of children and their caregivers to and from the Respite Center.

In a significant stride towards holistic care, Solace, in collaboration with HDFC Bank Ltd’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, inaugurated a physiotherapy center within the Respite Center. This facility, staffed with a dedicated full-time physiotherapist and supplemented by a part-time Speech Therapy unit, addresses the physical needs of the children comprehensively. Additionally, psychologist services are incorporated to provide essential emotional support and counseling to both children and their parents, recognizing the toll serious illnesses can take on mental well-being.

Importantly, all these services, including accommodation and nourishment, are extended free of charge to all registered children, exemplifying Solace’s unwavering commitment to healing and upliftment.

Solace’s Respite Center in Kiralur stands not only as a physical haven but as a testament to the transformative power of compassion, community, and comprehensive care. Here, every child’s journey to recovery is met with dignity, compassion, and the promise of a brighter tomorrow.