Dr. E. Divakaran MD (President)

Dr. E. Divakaran stands as a highly esteemed medical professional specializing in Anesthesiology and Palliative Medicine. Currently serving as the Director of the Institute of Palliative Care in Thrissur, his exceptional contributions have garnered recognition through various accolades. Dr. Divakaran is a recipient of prestigious awards such as the Kairali TV award, PKA Rahim award, IMA Best Doctor award, Thrissur Corporation Award, and Sahrudayavedi award for Best Doctor. His outstanding commitment to palliative medicine has been further honored with the Karmasreshta Puraskaram from KSPTA.

A distinguished National Teaching Faculty for the Certificate Course in Essentials of Palliative Care, Dr. Divakaran extends his expertise as an Online Teaching Faculty for Pallium India. With a wealth of experience, he has been a prominent figure in national and international conferences on Palliative Care, presenting papers and leading sessions. His impactful contributions are reflected in published articles within esteemed National and International Journals. Remarkably, since 1997, Dr. Divakaran has been at the helm of the Institute of Palliative Care, showcasing unwavering dedication to the advancement of palliative medicine

Dr. E. Divakaran

Ms. Sheeba Ameer (Founder, Secretary)

Sheeba Ameer, daughter of the distinguished PKA Raheem, is a renowned publisher recognized for Jwala magazine and then press beat printers .In the 1980s, He showcased the works of Malayalam literary icons such as V. T. Bhattathiripad, M. Govindan, N S Madhavan, and N Damodaran. His close associations with luminaries like M. K. Sanu, R M B, K. G. Sankarapilla, Kadamanaitta, and M. V. Devan date back to her childhood, with these figures being daily visitors to her home.

Solace, born from Sheeba’s seven-year journey caring for her Leukemia-stricken daughter, stands as her soul-child, providing inspiration to many.

She has garnered accolades, including the 2008 Ramankutty Achan Award for outstanding social work, the 2011 Vanitha Woman of the Year title, and the CNN Real Hero Award. She was the inaugural recipient of the V. T. Bhattathiripad Award. In literature, she clinched the Avani Bala Award for “Nadannu Poyaval” and authored several books, including “Aazhathil Pathinja Chitrangal” and “Koode korach dooram.” , ‘Pranayini’ is her fourth book – A collection of poems and stories. ‘Karunyam nirayumbol’ is her latest book – A collection of articles based on her experience in the palliative care

Beyond literature, Sheeba has left an indelible mark on the music industry, collaborating on numerous songs with composers like Vidhyadaran Master and E Jayakrishanan. Renowned singers like P Jayachandran and Sithara Krishna Kumar have featured in her compositions, available on platforms such as Malayala Manorama music and Bodhi Silent Escape.

Ms. Sheeba Ameer

Mr. E. M. Divakaran (Vice President)

E. M. Divakaran, retired from the government’s motor vehicle department, has been actively involved in humanitarian and social activities for many years. He is currently a dedicated member of Solace and a lifelong friend of Sheeba Ameer. Divakaran produced the award-winning documentary film “18th Elephant 3 Monologues” in 2004, receiving State, National, and Green Oscar honors. Additionally, his television series, “School Diary,” broadcasted on Doordarshan channel, received several state awards. He is also associated with the ANMPE Media Trust and serves as the secretary of the M Govindan Foundation of India in Thrissur.

Mr. E. M. Divakaran

Mr. Arun David (Vice President)

A versatile entrepreneur with a dynamic portfolio, skilled in effectively managing multiple ventures concurrently.

Mr. Arun David

Mr. P.V. Surendranadh (Treasurer)

P.V. Surendranadh, former Deputy General Manager of CSB Bank Ltd, has a career spanning 37 years in the Bank functioning in various roles in different parts of the country. He has been actively involved with ‘SOLACE’ since its inception. Furthermore, he is a charter member of Lions Club Mannuthy Agricity and currently serves as the District Chairperson for Lions Club District 318 D, having fulfilled roles such as Secretary and President in the past.

P.V Surendranath

Mr. Zikandar Hayathullah (Jt. Secretary)

Zikandar Hayathullah, a Mechanical Engineer, has adeptly steered through varied business enterprises. From retailing Titan watches and branded eyewear to owning Tanishq jewelry franchises in diverse locations, his portfolio extends to procurement of medicinal brands, real estate, advertising, and film production. His influential presence and wealth of experience, spanning over two decades, have significantly contributed to the flourishing business landscape in Calicut and Kochi. Additionally, his consultancy roles in the film industry further showcase his entrepreneurial prowess across a broad spectrum of industries.

Mr. Zikandar Hayathullah

Mrs. Ashida Suhesh

Ashida Suhesh, an engineer holding a B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from MES College of Engineering, Kuttipuram, resided in Chennai for six years before relocating to Kochi. Since its establishment in 2013, she has actively contributed to Solace Kochi, serving as a convenor for two years before assuming the role of a trust member.

Ashida Suhesh

Mr. Nikhil Ameer

Nikhil Ameer, currently serving as Merchandise Manager at IN-Q Enterprises: Qatar Museums, State of Qatar, boasts a rich professional journey spanning 16 years. Following the completion of his studies, he dedicated four years to a distinguished pharma-advertising firm in Mumbai, where he passionately pursued advertising. In this role as Creative Planner, Nikhil not only established himself as an exceptional creative professional but also garnered credible recognition for his outstanding strategic contributions. For the past 12 years he has been managing the sourcing and production of gift products & souvenirs for the various Museum Gift Shops in Qatar. He currently heads the team for product development and is considered a subject matter expert in the world’s museum industry.

Further to his professional prowess, Nikhil is a gifted photographer and a self taught artist

Nikhil Ameer

Dr. Mumtaz P

Dr. Mumtaz.P, a distinguished obstetrician and gynecologist with over two decades of expertise, currently serves as a professor at MES Medical College. Throughout her illustrious career, she has been honored with prestigious awards, including the Kalyani Kutty Amma Memorial Gold Medal and the Thamban Memorial Gold Medal in Kerala. Notably, she received the Amerendra Nadth Award for the best paper in maternal and child health at the All India Conference in Bangalore, as well as the All Kerala President’s Gold Medal from AKCOG Kasargod and the Wonder FOGSIAN Award in Mumbai, in addition she also serves as Managing Director of Mumtaz Clinic and Maternity Home in Perintalmanna.

Dr. Mumtaz P