“Solace” functions under the supervision of a trust consisting of nine members, with its headquarters situated in Thrissur. The organization extends its reach through ten centers spread across nine districts in Kerala. Each center is led by a convener and three joint conveners. Additionally, “Solace Youth” actively engages with the youth in every district to promote Solace’s initiatives,

with district convenors and three joint convenors leading these efforts. Transparency and efficiency are fundamental values that steer the diverse activities of Solace, involving discussion with all nine trust members, district convenors, joint conveners, and youth convenors.

Beyond India, Solace carries out its mission with five centers in the United States known as “Solace Charities,” coordinated by a 15-member central committee. Furthermore, Solace extends its operations to other nations such as the UK, Canada, and Qatar, each with their respective organizational structures. The UK “Solace”, for instance, operates under a 13-member governing body.

To guide and shape Solace’s global future endeavors, a twenty-member International Development Board has been established, ensuring a strategic approach to its operations worldwide.

For a comprehensive understanding of these organizational arrangements, refer to the appended details.

Board of Directors

  • Thomas Theakanath
  • Agnal Kokkat
  • Asif Ismail
  • Nirar Kunnath Basheer
  • Padmapriya Palottu
  • Paul Ignatius
  • Priya Menon
  • Remitha Ramanadh
  • Roy Jose
  • Santhosh Nair
  • Shibu P. Baby
  • Sindhu Nair
  • Supriya Viswanathan
  • Gunjan Utreja
  • Liju Mangalam

Board of Directors

  • Ms. Anitha CP
  • Dr. Binooj Bhas
  • Mr. Venu Prabhakaran
  • Mr. Madhu Shanmughan
  • Dr. Jyothi Arayambath
  • Prof. Rajeev Pattathil
  • Dr. Shaji Basheer
  • Mr. Niyaz Abdul Nazeer
  • Dr. Arun Kishore
  • Dr. Ajith Kartha
  • Dr. Latha Kadalayil
  • Dr. Kishore ChandranWarrier
  • Prof Arun Thankom

Board of Directors

  • Raihanath Veliyammal
  • Rangeetha
  • Varun Raj
  • Nirmala
  • Habeeb Rahman E.P