To approach Solace for support, individuals with medical issues can follow these steps:

  • Visit Our Office: Anyone with a medical issue can visit one of our 10 centers located across Kerala, covering 10 districts. Our offices are open to provide support and assistance.
  • Share Your Problems: Upon visiting our office, individuals will find attentive listeners ready to hear and understand their problems. Whether it’s a medical concern or any other issue, we are here to lend a compassionate ear.
  • No Recommendations Needed: There’s no need for formal recommendations to seek assistance from Solace. We welcome anyone who requires support, regardless of whether they’ve been referred by someone else.
  • No Documents Required: We understand that bureaucratic hurdles can be daunting. That’s why we don’t require any documents like Aadhar card or election ID for registration. Your medical condition is what matters to us, not paperwork.
  • Registration: Once individuals register with Solace, they become part of our family. There’s no age restriction for registration, and individuals will continue to receive our support until they turn 18 years old.
  • Assessment Visit: After registration, our volunteer group will visit the individual’s place within a month for assessments. This allows us to better understand their needs and how we can best support them.
  • Becoming Part of Solace Family: By registering with Solace, individuals become part of our supportive community. We are committed to providing ongoing assistance and care to all our members.

Approaching Solace for support is straightforward and hassle-free. We prioritize empathy, understanding, and inclusivity, ensuring that everyone who seeks our help feels welcomed and supported.