Solace: Caring for Everyone, Advancing Sustainable Development 🌱

At Solace, our commitment extends beyond borders, echoing the spirit of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted in 2015. Rooted in the belief that a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity is vital, we dedicate ourselves to creating a better future for people and the planet.

  • Global Partnership for Impact:

Solace actively participates in the global partnership called for by the SDGs, recognizing that addressing challenges like poverty, health, education, and inequality requires collaborative efforts. Our mission aligns with the interconnected nature of the 17 SDGs, striving to leave no one behind.

  • Focusing on SDG Target 3.8: Universal Health Coverage: Solace directs its efforts towards Target 3.8 of the SDGs – achieving universal health coverage. We tirelessly work to ensure financial risk protection, access to quality essential health-care services, and the availability of safe, effective, and affordable essential medicines and vaccines for all.
  • Caring for Children with Long-Term Illness:

               In our unwavering commitment to health, Solace particularly concentrates on children grappling with long-term illnesses. We believe that by addressing the health needs of the youngest members of society, we contribute significantly to building a healthier and more equitable world.

  • Proudly Contributing in India:

Solace is proud to be part of India’s journey towards achieving the SDGs. We collaborate with local communities, governments, and organizations to make a meaningful impact on the ground. By aligning our efforts with national priorities, we ensure that our initiatives resonate with the unique challenges and opportunities in India.