At the age of 8, Raihan, a child with special needs from Malappuram, found solace in the arms of Solace. His journey began at 3 months with neck instability, a revelation during a routine check-up. Raihan’s family, facing the challenges of his difficulty in walking and expressing emotions, turned to Kozhikode Medical College for help. Amid financial struggles, Raihan’s father, a determined truck driver, relied on others for treatment and daily necessities. A friend’s recommendation led the family to Solace, where Raihan was registered in Malappuram center. Post-registration, Solace provided crucial support—financial aid for medical treatment, essential food kits, and emotional assistance for Raihan and his parents.

With Solace’s backing, Raihan underwent treatments and therapies, witnessing significant improvements. He now speaks fluently, handles tasks independently, and smoothly transitions from a special school to a mainstream one. Raihan’s memory, once a flicker, now vividly recalls names, faces, and places, showcasing substantial progress.

Solace’s impact stretched to Raihan’s mother through their Family Strengthening Program (FSP) training in tailoring. Equipped with new skills, Raihan’s mother embraced tailoring work with encouragement from Solace’s Malappuram office, securing income for their daily needs