Solace Youth, the compassionate arm of Solace, champions the noble School Kit Campaign, dedicated to uplifting underprivileged children grappling with long-term illnesses. This heartening initiative endeavors to provide these resilient youngsters with a new school kit, comprising essentials like a school bag, water bottle, tiffin box, books, pencil box, pen, and even an umbrella. While every child cherishes the excitement of a new school kit, the financial constraints faced by the families of these children make this a luxury beyond reach. Enter the selfless Solace Youth volunteers, who step into the roles of caring siblings, ensuring that each child experiences the joy of starting the school year equipped and ready.

The funds to procure these school kits are ingeniously gathered through the School Kit Campaign, utilizing the power of social media platforms and WhatsApp to share compelling posters created by the youth volunteers and their friends. Heartfelt gratitude extends to every supporter who has contributed to this initiative, collectively weaving a tapestry of beauty and hope in the lives of these deserving children. Through their united efforts, Solace Youth and its supporters illuminate the path to a brighter future, making the world a more beautiful place for these resilient young souls.