In 2018, at the age of 10 and while in the 5th grade, Mohammed Shafeek enlisted as a Solace child. His mother, Shahana, accompanied him during the registration, urgently seeking aid for his crucial surgery to prevent kidney damage caused by the uncommon medical condition called Exstrophy of the bladder—a rare birth defect where the bladder develops outside the fetus Shafeek underwent several surgeries starting from his seventh day of birth, and by the age of 10, the risk of kidney failure loomed unless immediate medical intervention occurred.

Amid financial struggles and abandonment by Shafeek’s father, Shahana found herself confronted with the necessity of an urgent surgery costing four and a half lakhs rupees. With the support of few compassionate individuals, she successfully secured half of the required funds. At this crucial moment, she reached out to Solace for assistance

In the initial home care visit, Solace volunteers uncovered the challenging living conditions of Shafeek’s family in a crowded Thrissur slum residence. A single room accommodated nine family members, including Shafeek, his 8-year-old sister, and six other relatives, with leaking roofs exacerbating their situation.

Solace volunteers quickly organized assistance, and Mr. Jeofry from ‘Solace USA’, a dedicated supporter of the organization, extended significant financial aid after personally verifying Shafeek’s situation. He promptly transferred the remaining funds needed for the surgery to Amrita Hospital, facilitating both the corrective procedure and postoperative care. (The surgery at Amrita Hospital was successful, ensuring Shafeek’s urinary bladder is now in satisfactory condition.The procedure involved creating a side incision on Shafeek’s stomach, allowing for a tube for urine collection, which requires regular cleaning every two hours and frequent tube replacements.)

Alongside ongoing assistance with Shafeek’s medical requirements, Solace relocated his family to a cleaner rented house in 2020, covering the rent. In the midst of the Covid era, ‘Solace Youth’ gifted Shafeek a mobile phone to facilitate his online education.
Through Solace’s Family Strengthening Program (FSP), Shahana underwent training in soap and umbrella making, actively engaging in diverse FSP initiatives. Presently, she also works in a roadside stall during the night, earning a modest income.
Residing in a secure and tidy home, Shafeek occasionally undergoes minor operations but leads an active life

Solace’s ongoing assistance provides continuous financial and social support, ensuring a stable life to Shefiq and his family.