The programs at Washington DC are going very well. They had planned twice as many meetings in the two days that I am here. I had to present about Solace to people in various sectors, which is exactly how it should be done.

The Washington chapter of Solace was officially launched with the following people chosen for the various posts…Mr Jobin Kuruvila as the president, Mr Sujith Kumar S L as secretary and Ms. Smitha Tom as the treasurer. In addition, Mr. Nirar Basheer was selected into the Board of Directors.

Ms Sini Panikar (Scientist, Novelist) also present there and she is an active member of Solace-Washington DC.

For the further growth of Solace, it was decided to form a Developement Board, who have the responsibility of taking Solace to new heights.

Mr T K Thomas, Ms Brinda and Mr. Vipin Saraf from San Jose and Mr Saju Thomas, Mr Jay Varkey and Mr Asif Ismail from Washington DC will all be members of this Development Board.