Jay varkey from KAGW (Kerala Association of Greater Washington) writes..💜

We are glad to inform you that Sheeba Chechi had a very productive and successful tour of Washington, D.C.

Kerala Association of Greater Washington (KAGW) hosted her at the event “Sneha Sayahnam with Mrs. Sheeba Ameer,” on Friday, April 8th, which was attended by well over 120 invited guests from the Washington, D.C. metro area. They were touched by Sheeba Chechi’s words that came straight from her heart. For many, whose charitable activity extends only to the writing of a check or donation of money, her story struck a deep chord, which was evidenced by the standing ovation that she received and the people waiting in line to speak to her after the program.

In addition to the above event, Sheeba Chechi also attended two other smaller meetings one in Potomac, MD on April 6th and the other one in Ashburn, VA on April 7th, each of which was attended by 15-20 guests.

During her week here in D.C. Sheeba Chechi also held meetings with multiple Indian origin entrepreneurs and business leaders. We expect that these meetings would result in potential long-term support to Solace through direct contributions from the U.S. and also through sustainable partnerships in Kerala with affiliates and/or sister concerns of a number of U.S. firms.

Thank you Sheeba Chechi for inspiring us and for giving us the opportunity to participate in your noble cause!